Age of Ultron – Captain America – Legacy Replica 1/4 -Iron Studios

Statues Made for  Iron Studios

you can find them at .

Images released by Iron Studios11885153_1026499827361752_2891383091021278458_n 11855704_1026500184028383_248177944416532582_n11890020_1026499874028414_656037163999788726_o 11885138_1026500090695059_1443321127772990977_o 11887967_1026499930695075_8280726002836831327_n 11836833_1026499867361748_6721302253453422288_n 11870712_1026500040695064_840793939852849479_n 11880455_1026499907361744_4470006205802697338_n 11822917_1026500174028384_6681451483286096961_o 11059584_1026500024028399_5715609757659544647_n 11822885_1026499990695069_3571565642895344662_o 11259094_1026499960695072_1867379414809919898_n 11728699_1026499834028418_5235173256548544455_o

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