Statue – Guardians of the Galaxy – Art Scale 1/6 – Iron Studios

One of the models I made for Iron Studios for the statue of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. I worked on the Rocket and Victor Hugo Sousa worked at Groot.Check out his work, He is a great artist 🙂

you can find them at .

Images released by Iron Studios.

IMG_1432321901959JPEG 11377246_982972971714438_6934149766848160157_n 11270265_982972891714446_7688950311985880782_o 11160010_982972938381108_1500345822188357101_n 11143298_982972961714439_7737562996112941085_n 11052485_982972968381105_8815119036409940583_o 10931176_982972885047780_5343189462848666856_n 10371495_982972888381113_492715678275601728_n 11026583_982973055047763_2947976816038935547_o 11357256_982973041714431_2112919486054428033_o 11229297_982973031714432_3324968265876577123_o 11252018_982973095047759_6995733927812291353_o11289469_982973101714425_6008778630773037335_o

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